Stone Fair in Batalha, Portugal

4th Ed. STONE FAIR biennial exhibition dedicated to the natural stone: limestone, marble, and granite.

Successful partnership for the duo


“From June 12th to June 15th, thank to our Portugal Service Point FRESATOR, Officine Marchetti took part in the STONE Fair in Batalha: biennial dedicated to the natural stone, blocks and worked ended, as well as mining and processing equipment for marble and granite.

The fair in Batalha is definitely one of the most important exhibitions of materials and equipment for stone processing, which is found throughout the Iberian Peninsula. In fact, the fair plays an important role for the country market.

FRESATOR proved to be the undisputed leader among the exhibitors and at the same time, a modern company with its 400 sq. booth, as a trend-setter. A wide range of machines and tools of the most important brands were exhibited, which allowed him to have the highest turnout and interest in his booth.

Having said that, we recognize the value of FRESATOR leader, José Carlos Lucas Peixe, to whom not only goes the credit of having trained a team of well-organised and well-prepared experts, but also to have chosen at a human level a group of extremely kind people, through which you can breathe a remarkable synergy that conquered customer’s heart and mine as well.

During the fair days I saw FRESATOR as a solid team, tight-knit, to project in the present the best choices for the future. Since I saw on FRESATOR choices the best one ever, having found an effective and dynamic group it filled me with pride. It has been guaranteed a full assistance to all customers and I also could notice closely the trust that customers vested on Lucas and on his amazing team.

The final outcome of this fair is very positive. FRESATOR is for sure the strongest company, and we are still being recognize as manufacturer leader of hydraulic tie rods and tensioners for marble and granite.

Therefore, with personal presumption, I can affirm that the partnership MARCHETTI-FRESATOR is definitely the successful one.”

Antonella Pietrelli - Sales Manager